• Fully Automatic, no setup and no pc required
  • Rugged, weatherproof and highly portable (size 10cm³)
  • Open file format output
  • Integrated Wi-Fi, GPS, compass and tilt sensors
  • Live panoramic video preview



  • Visually document a location in minutes
  • Easy to carry and deploy in various environments and conditions
  • Integrate with existing software applications and systems
  • Capture remotely GPS and digital compass tagged images
  • Monitor and record a location remotely in full 360° x 275° coverage

Time Lapse - A World First!

iSTAR® can now capture a time lapse sequence of images at specific user defined intervals over a set period of time, making iSTAR® the world's first 360 degree camera with this built in ability. Once captured, Immersive Studio enables you to export as a video or individual panoramas.

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2 Models to Suit Your Needs:


iSTAR is a 360°x 275°camera with the power to process it’s images internally, with no need for a computer to complete post-production processing or stitching. Crucially, iSTAR can be used by anyone and does not need special training or photographic skills. With zero setup time it is small, light and robust, making it easy to transport and quick to deploy.


Current 360 degree imaging systems typically require around 10-15 mins to capture and generate a 50 megapixel panormic image. With the iSTAR the same panoramic image is captured instantly in one single shutter release. The final image is ready in under 10 seconds. This rapid speed of capture together with the iSTAR's light weight and zero setup time allows multiple locations to be photographed in minutes, not hours.



The iSTAR is precision engineered like no other camera and it’s construction pushes the very limits of today’s technology. With no moving parts, four lenses are mounted in a solid steel case. It is the armour that allows the camera to operate at the highest level of precision. Each iSTAR lens is calibrated for optimum performance giving a perfect 360°x 275°degree image instantly.


iSTAR is available in two software models - FUSION and PULSAR, both of which photograph the full spherical environment. PULSAR offers extended capabilities over FUSION, including speed and time saving features to speed up productivity and provide even higher quality HDR images. It also offers superior user interface with live full immersive video preview, network connectivity and fast capture for video surveillance.

Accident Reconstruction & iStar

Using panoramic images from iSTAR™, accident scene investigators can quickly record vast amounts of images and bring the virtual scene back to the office.

The iSTAR™ is a simple, reliable, and easy to use system making it an excellent tool used to accurately record collisions involving vehicles. iSTAR™ images can be taken in low lighting situations and extreme weather. If you’re currently using a laser scanner; the iSTAR™ is a perfect compliment allowing for more realistic and higher resolution images. Using iSTAR™ to capture images will significantly reduce time spent on the scene while minimizing traffic congestion.

iSTAR™ is a very compact panoramic imaging system which allows for image capture in small spaces such as inside of the vehicles involved in the crash.

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