Plan any emergency evacuation more effectively and realistically. Be prepared when school violence is at its worse.

Keep children safe.

School Crisis Situations

In addition to Scene Capture Solution™ supporting major crime scenes, critical infrastructure security, asset management, and courtroom and inquiry presentation, the system is also useful within a variety of different market sectors.

One of those sectors is aiding districts, schools, and law enforcement in the crisis plans for schools.

Common requirements for schools all over the world would be a 3-ring binder detailing every aspect of response complete with floor plans, facilities information, staffing, student information, and roles and responsibilities. Scene Capture Solution™ provides a virtual 3-ring binder for each facility.

Scene Capture Solution™ offers a suite of specialist services designed to enhance your case profile. These include 2 and 3 dimensional location maps, street plans and building layouts, and 3D computer-generated models and animations. These can provide the additional clarity required to assess relative space/time scenarios, scenes, and conditions.

Scene Capture Solution™ provides real-time viewing of the high-resolution images which, can be stored on a DVD or hard drive.

When dealing with a Columbine High School (Columbine, Colorado) or Dawson College (Montreal, Quebec) type incident, there is no time, someone's child is scared, threatened, vulnerable, and in great danger. More and more schools around the world are realizing the benefits of using such systems as Scene Capture Solution™ for it's obvious benefits. It is more accurate, definitely quicker, and far-more realistic.

This type of technology is critical to officers in a Columbine High School or Dawson College type incident.